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SONNGIE Sino-German resources channel advantages
Update Date:2019-03-06
  SONNGIE as a German BVMW, VDI, DCW member unit has good german social resources and background.
Recently, SONNGIE has assisted a well-known large-scale domestic company to purchase original imported equipment from Germany. We have used the resource advantages of China and Germany to reduce the high procurement costs for the company, save the foreign exchange of the country, and guarantee the delivery time. We also has as received the customer's unanimous praise.
  During this project, SONNGIE provides pre-technical communication, parameter proofreading, trade negotiations with German producers, packaging of German production factories, on-site acceptance of German production plants, foreign exchange purchase of exports, German export logistics, China import declaration, and Chinese logistics delivery. Every detail reflects the advantages of integration of resources between China and Germany. Quality and cheap, honesty and faithfulness is our standard, so we will work harder for more customers to provide China-Germany resources channel advantage.