The German team comprises technological elites educated in Germany, German staffs and senior professionals. The German team is responsible for providing industrial and commercial lighting services, supply chains services and the product technology development services for German clients. Meanwhile, they work with German enterprises, industrial associations, professional lawyers, tax experts and PR agencies of authorities, serving as a solid backing for the company’s business in China while expanding its business in Germany.
The Chinese team comprises professionals with years of hands-on experiences in Sino-German trading. They focus on providing cutting-edge Sino-German commercial consulting, business information consultation and real-time follow-u services. As the bridge between clients and the German team, the Chinese team will provide solutions for customers more quickly and effectively without time differences or language obstacles.

Richard Schulz
Product Manager

Formulating product strategies and development program; accelerating product production and positioning; conducting targeted customer analysis, searching potential customers in demand markets; analyzing competitors and working to achieve product goals.

Iris Salentin
Customer Services Manager

Studying and formulating product after-sales policies and service plans, designing perfect service systems and operating procedures based on sales statistics and customers requirements so as to ensure sound reputation for quality after-sales services.

Elvira Scheidt
Professional Counsellor

Enterprises strategy decision-making, comprehensive planning, business planning, getting familiar with macro-development, operational trends, regulatory policies, research enterprises strategy management and operating management and providing management consultation targeted at operation entities.

Harald Förster
Logistics Manager

Setting up a budge for logistics costs, reviewing transportation reports, formulating cost control program, monitoring implementation, designing batch distribution and transportation routes, reducing transportation costs, improving distribution efficiency, following the status of logistics, transportation and delivery and handling transportation problems as soon as possible.

Dennis Jungherz
IT Network Management

Operating and implementing all tasks relating computers, network and communication; designing information network, team building, formulating processing procedures of IT infrastructure resources(hardware, software) , making and conducting measures related to network safety and information safety, advancing intensive management of IT resources, managing the strategic framework of enterprises integrated information system, building implemental institutions for enterprises informatization and integrating business procedures restructuring.

Elvira Bücker
Sales Manager

Formulating overall business goals, participating the formulation of sales plans, making monthly team sales plans, following the progress of the sales, reporting sales performance regularly, making sales reports, participating the formulation and adjustment of sales projects (strategies) and implementing specific sales projects.