Our services


As an own-brand registered by Brillant Sonnergie GmbH in Europe and China, SONNGIE manufactures a range of products mainly directing at the home furnishing and Electrical & Electronics industries. With the help of B2B business model, it directly serves enterprises customers. By virtue of our superior quality, competitive prices, impeccable techniques and qualified customer services, we have earned recognition and trust by customers at home and abroad.


As two great powers in Asia and Europe, both China and Germany boast considerable market potential. We are designed to help Chinese enterprises brand out in Germany and facilitate German enterprises’ business expansion in China by provide a full suite services ranging from brand registration, product promotion, brand marketing, logistics services , participation in engineering project bidding , etc.


German enterprises have always been a leader in innovation and scientific research. With the advancing of German Industry. 4.0 and China 2025, we are striving to build a bridge for both Chinese and German enterprises, to help Chinese enterprises introduce the state-of-the art products and cutting-edge technologies from German in an attempt to accelerate industrial upgrading. We will also build online project platform providing professional business analysis in various industries.


We work together with senior industry experts to provide technical supports, diligence investigation, legal consulting, tax advisory, and integrated trusteeship consultation services for our customers based on personalized client objectives. Meanwhile, we will build online project platform for investors and mergers where registered users can query quality and efficient merger information for free.