Brillant Sonnergie GmbH was founded in Bonnheim, Germany in 2009.Early in its life, the company mainly focused on Sino-German and EU-China bilateral trades. In 2011, due to growth demands, the company relocated its headquarter to Cologne, between Aachen and Düsseldorf, with one small town of Europe's largest research center in the Germany- Yulich Jülich. As a result of years of efforts, Brillant Sonnergie GmbH has recorded substantial development in its several main businesses:

  • In the field of bricks-and-mortar business, we boost favorable reputation and sound popularity with our self-owned brand SONNGIE products in the German’s lighting and electrical & electronics industry.
  • As for the logistics services, our company is located in the border between Germany and Netherlands, within an easy reach of the Netherlands port Venlo and Rotterdam, the top two advantageous logistics hubs in Europe. Boosting convenient sea, land and air transportation, our company enjoys a favorable geographical location. On top of that, we have established sound collaborative relationships with DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Dexun, MBS and other world-renowned logistics companies to pool resources from all parties, thus putting in place a complete solution integrating logistics, warehousing and customs clearance and forming an extremely obvious advantages in air transportation and express business. By the end of 2015, our company has accumulated a large number of B2B customer resources in the German domestic market, thus developing its own unique sales channels.


Established in 2016, Sonngie International Trade (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. serves as the procurement and sales center of Brillant Sonnergie GmbH in China. Relying on the social resources and sales channels of the head office in Germany, Sonngie is designed to build a Sino-German trade bridge and a Sino-German trade high-speed channel. Our business includes:

  • a full range of services including brand registration, product promotion, brand operation, logistics services and participation in engineering project bidding, etc.
  • Sino - German product / technology cooperation
  • Overseas Investment M & A

Comprising the German team and the Chinese team, our company is quite familiar with the culture and operational channels of both counties, enabling us to dock cooperative projects between German and Chinese enterprises in an effective fashion for our customers, pinpoint the diversified customer services and provide optimal solutions for our customers.


Years of management experiences in Germany made SONNGIE a member of BVMW and DCW .We have not only established perfect partnership network in German commercial and industrial industries, but also partnered up with well-known a range of legal firms, tax agents, financial institutions and intellectual property providers as part of our efforts to maximize our services and guarantee customer rights and interests.


We are not simply a manufacturer, a trading company, a brand operator, logistics companies or consulting firm. Instead, we position ourselves as a participatory service company providing B2B total solutions, sharing product / technology, market information, sales channels, logistics channels and social resources with our customers through our professional technical team, marketing team and customer service team. We sincerely seek the same excellent partners to generate more value for both parties and the society at large.



A reliable company must be open-minded, modest and pragmatic, which serves as the key business philosophy of our company. We firmly believe that cooperative partners, suppliers or customers, are our most valuable asset. We must take initiatives to maintain sound communication with our partners so that you can access valid information of the whole business process at any times to provide pragmatic, practical solution.



We hold that it is a nonstarter to the commercial behavior of blocking information or taking advantage of information asymmetry to gain profits in the Internet era. Mutual sharing and mutual benefit will be an irreversible trend. Helping others means helping ourselves.



Service stands as an essential problem that no commercial enterprises can afford to ignore. However, we have a formed a further understanding of the services in the B2B realm. The services we are striving for is featured by “simplicity” which means enabling cooperative partners to focus on the domains or links they are familiar with by eliminating excessively complicated cooperation mode and cumbersome operation procedure. Complexity and redundancy should find no place in the services provided by our company.